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    Problem after removed a LUN from ESX4

    Kiil Novice



      recently I removed a LUN from my ESX hosts, and then something strange happend.  The LUN, with LUN id 8, disapeard from vmhba0, but not from vmhba1.  This resultet in a very high "Disk latency" and svMotion didn't work.


      This message appeard in the console (and in the messages log):

      "Oct 10 01:20:22 host-p-d-esx01 kernel: http://11133215.835955 sd 4:0:3:0: still retrying 799941 after 360s"


      Before I discovered this problem, the LUN was unpresented from the SAN as well, so no way back there.  The LUN path then appeard with status "dead".  I didn't manage to remove this LUN id from vmhba1 in any other way than do a "cold boot".  Normal "shutdown -r now" resultet in a hang situation when trying to umount the LUNs.


      BTW: I've added and removed LUNs many times to these ESX hosts without problems.


      Does anyone here experienced this, and is there anything to do other than "cold boot" ?  Any recommendations ?



      VMware ESX 4.0.0, build 236512  (4 of them)