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    Installing linux onto a network drive to avoid shrinking troubles

    UlyssesOfEpirus Hot Shot

      When a VM boots the bios has the option of booting off a network drive. 


      1. Can this drive be an HGFS drive?


      2. If yes, how do I install linux onto this network drive?


      3. If not, how do I install linux onto a network drive on another physical computer that the VM sees at boot time (bridged networking)?


      4. Does the host filing system have to be a linux one or ntfs is fine too since it's only accessed over the network?


      5. Is freeBSD an option instead of linux for all of the above?


      I want to boot VM's like this in the hope that this way they do not suffer from the need to shrink their drives every now and then.  Ie, no waste of space if you forget to shrink, no waste of time when you do shrink, just a little increase in latency I guess.