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    very slow storage vmotion problem

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      I got a problem with storage vmotion in a costumer environment. He have set up 5 x ESXi 4.1 260247 Enterprise plus  and we used storage vmotion to change some SAN volumes and the  speed is quite bad


      Our SAN is a Clariion EMC CX4-120 (FC 4GB)




      We are trying to migrate a 5GB disk VM and took very long (50gb ~10h). The first 18% are ok, but then the process stucks on "Migrating the active state of the Virtual Machine".


      We have 8M as block size on the LUN.


      The funny thing about this environment is that I have setup anohter one very similar and storage vmotion works like a charm. The only thing that is differente is tha array at the backend but that's it.


      Any ideas?




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