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    import .ovf into VMware Fusion

    RoyHochstenbach Novice

      I have a Virtual Machine that consist of an .ovf file, an .mf file and a .vmdk file. I want to import it into VMware Fusion but I don't know how.

      I've installed the OVF tool, but when I want to convert the .ovf file, I get the following error message:



      ovftool -tt=vmx /Users/royhochstenbach/vpc/\[OVFAppliances.com\]-Android-2.6.29.OVF-VMDK/Android.ovf Android.vmx

      Opening OVF source: /Users/royhochstenbach/vpc/[http://OVFAppliances.com|http://OVFAppliances.com]-Android-2.6.29.OVF-VMDK/Android.ovf

      Opening VMX target: Android.vmx

      Error: OVF Package is not supported by target:

      - Line 86: OVF hardware element 'ResourceType' with instance ID '7': No support for the virtual hardware device type '35'.


      When I just enter ovftool android.ovf it says Operation Completed, but I can't find a compatible output file anywhere.


      I'm running Mac OS X 10.6.4.