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    APC PCNS for VMware

    jwall04 Enthusiast

      I am trying to install PCNS for VMware on vMA so our UPS can shutdown our hosts.  I'm getting the following message (see attached screenshot): "This version of Powerchute Network Shutdown only supports VMware ESXi" but I have ESXi. 


      When I look on the Compatibilty Chart for PCNS for VMware it says "VMware ESXi Server 4.0 Update 1" but I believe we have Update 2 (we have ESXi 4.0.0, 261974), perhaps someone can confirm this is Update 2 please.


      In any case, APC is saying PCNS for VMware is not compatible with Update 2, has anyone ran into this?  Does this mean we're out of luck until APC releases a new version?

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          vcheche Lurker


          Kind of a really late response....






          I believe you are trying to install that PCNS on vMA.....and this is a VM. Like... it is just a virtual box like all others.






          That PCNS version is explicitly for ESXi, so you need to install it on the hypervisor itself. I think for this you'll need the CLI access enabled (SSH or TTY).









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            AndreTheGiant Guru
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            The ESXi version must be installed on the ESXi (follow the instruction with the software).

            Under vMA you have to install a generic Linux RedHat/CentOS package. Or apcupsd package that can handle well APC UPS.



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              jwall04 Enthusiast

              Yes, I'm installing PCNS on the vMA and following the instructions from APC but when I run the install command I get a "This version of Powerchute Network Shutdown only supports VMware ESXi" message.  I have ESXi.  ESXi 4.0.0, 261974 to be exact. 


              I've spoken to APC and they say their software only supports ESXi 4 Update 1; I believe build 261974 is Update 2.  I have the impression they didn't know how to help so they used this as thier answer, I'm looking for a second opinion from someone else who has installed PNCS for VMware on ESXi

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                jasoncllsystems Hot Shot

                I have tested that ONLY vMA 4.0 can worked with PCNS 2.2.4 and NOT vMA 4.1 for ESXi 4.1. This is due to "vi-fastpass" authentication problem between vMA 4.1 and ESXi 4.1 found in /opt/APC/PowerChute/group1/bin/shutdownhost.pl.


                Again, you can install PCNS on vMA4.1 by doing some minor changes. Basically PCNS 2.2.4 always look for "/etc/vima-release" during installation and vMA 4.1 already changed to "/etc/vma-release". So you can either make a symbolic link or change the installation script.



                Hope this is useful.





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                  lamw Guru
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                  Okay, here's the issue and it's actually a pretty simple one, once you take a look at the install.sh script. APC should probably do a better job of writing the script and providing a better error message as it's not entirely accurate.


                  If you download PCNS 2.2.4 which is the latest version of the utility and look at line start 238, you'll notice this is where the script figures out what OS you're running as part of the pre-req before installing PCNS:


                  CheckOS() {
                      OS=`uname | grep -i Linux`
                      if ; then
                          if [ -f /etc/vima-release ] || [ -f /etc/vmware-release ]; then


                  What they're doing is basically checking whether you're trying to install the software on VIMA 1.0 because prior to latest version of vMA 4.0 and 4.1, the build file was named vima-release versus the new name vma-release. The other weird and stupid thing is they also check to see if you're running this on a classic ESX host because they do an "or" statement to see if /etc/vmware-release exists. If either of these files exists, then it's considered an error by setting the OS variable to "VIMA" and later on there is an initialization section which says if OS=VIMA, it's an error which is showed here:


                  Initialize() {
                      Echo "Initializing ..."
                      case "$OS" in
                          Echo "This version of PowerChute Network Shutdown does not support VMWare ESX or ESXi. Please consult www.apc.com for the required version of PowerChute Network Shutdown."
                          exit 1


                  Again, the error message can be stated a lot more clearer. Basically, APC is only supporting vMA 4.0 or greater and does not support 2.2.4 on classic ESX Service Console. They probably should have done a better job on the error message and instead of checking if the file exists for /etc/vima-release, because if you upgrade from VIMA 1.0 -> vMA 4.0 or vMA 4.1, the file actually exists, but if you look at the contents of the file, the rev has changed.


                  So the issue that I see here is either you performed an upgrade of VIMA 1.0 to vMA 4.0 or 4.1 and hence you're seeing the error OR you're running on VIMA 1.0 which is not supported. I can confirm this installs perfectly fine on brand new deployment of vMA 4.1. I have not confirmed on vMA 4.0, but it should install fine so long as it does not have /etc/vima-release file.


                  Hopefully this helps and I would complain to APC to fix their install.sh script.










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                    jwall04 Enthusiast

                    jasoncllsyste… and lamw, I think I know what you're saying, but we tried installing on vMA4.0 today (we used vMA4.1 the other day) and now it looks like it'll work, we haven't went through with it yet but that error message doesn't come up now.  Do you see any reason not to use vMA4.0?  Can we update from vMA4.0 to vMA4.1 afterwards?


                    I'm not entirely sure how the software works; I know I could (and should!) ask APC but I'm finding thier support to be less than adequate... 


                    We have 6 ESXi hosts (running on an IBM bladecenter) which all need to be managed.  In APC's documentation it says "You must then dedicate one instance of VIMA to the PCNS Agent.", does this mean we need a vMA server for each physical host, or can we have one which manages all 6 hosts?


                    In thier instructions (attached, pg 13) it only shows how to install PCNS for 1 host but it references a "target server list", can we simply edit this list after the first install to manage the other 5 hosts?  If so how would we do this?


                    Thanks a lot for the help, isn't it funny how a third party can support their software better than they can?

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                      jasoncllsystems Hot Shot

                      "Technically" you can install single PCNS on single vMA for manage all ESX/ESXi hosts.


                      Please check with APC vendor about the licenses.





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                        spoonwzd Novice

                        This issue has now been addressed by APC - they've now released some updated install / shutdown / uninstall scripts.


                        God knows why they haven't just released a newer version of PCNS with the updated scripts or why they don't at least mention it on the download page.


                        Anyhoo, check the following article: http://emea-en.apc.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/11144/kw/11144

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                          jwall04 Enthusiast

                          Thanks spoonwzd, I'll keep this in mind

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                            Horinius Hot Shot

                            Hi spoonwzd,


                            So, you've tried PCNS and it worked for you?  What version of PCNS are you using?  I've been unsuccessful to get it work.  Did you follow those "official" procedures written by APC or did you do it otherwise?



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                              DSTAVERT Guru
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                              I will just mention here that some of the mechanisms may not function when this is being used against a free version of ESXi.


                              http://blog.peacon.co.uk/esxi-control-pl-script-vm-actions-on-free-licensed-esxi/ might be helpful.