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    Installation of ESXi 4.1 via bootable USB stick

    Stream2back Novice


      Hi everyone, i'm trying to install ESXi 4.1 from a USB stick and has run into a little snag.






      What i do is the following:


      1. Format USB stick in Windows 7 x64 with FAT32 (or FAT16, same problem)

      2. "burn the image (VMware-VMvisor-Installer-4.1.0-260247.x86_64.iso) to the USB stick using Unetbootin

      3. Edit syslinux.cfg to make menus

      4. create ks.cfg to automate installation

      5. create file .mtoolsrc containing the line "mtools_skip_check=1" on the USB stick



      The USB boots fine, unpacks the binaries and start the installation (yellow screen with driver installation) and then suddenly it show message "Total number of sectors not a multiple of sectors per track" and the installation can't go any further.



      Now as i understand this is a Linux problem and not a spesific problem to Vmware and so we google, and the solution seems simpe enough. Create a file called .mtoolsrc which contains the line "mtools_skip_check=1" or format the stick on a linux machine (still using FAT32 or FAT16).



      I don't have a linux machine so i wanted to try the first one and here come the question (finally):



      Where do i put the file ?



      Some say it should even be called mtools.conf and be under /etc/ or /root/etc and so on ... But this is a USB stick without any subfolders on a windows machine and i have tried to create all the subfolders stated and but both the . version and the .conf version of the file there and of course i have put the files on the root of the USB stick aswell and nothing seems to work.



      Do i maybe have to set a enviroment variable anywhere to say where the file is ? Could i just use mtools_skip_check=1 as a variable in isolinux.cfg or syslinux.cfg ?






      Any help would be creatly appreciated. Thank you and see you at Vmworld in Denmark