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    Lost a LUN on Compellent storage

    manfriday Hot Shot





      I am currently setting up a new ESXi 4.1 environment using Compellent FC storage.



      Last Friday afternoon I had a bit of a scare, when we lost a lun and all the VM's that were on it.



      A bit more background:



      We are using vRanger Pro. I DID disable automounting, and all of the compellent LUNS are in READ-ONLY mode for the vRanger box's HBA's.



      I can't see how the vRanger box could have mangled the signature on the LUN, but that is what appeared to happen.



      I tried using fdisk commands to repair the LUN (I followed Mr.Eppings directions on the yellowbricks blog for this).



      However, I got a message saying the LUN could not be communicated with. (something to that effect.. I forgot the exact message)



      Anyway, I shut down ALL the ESXi hosts and booted them back up and the LUN was available an no data lost.



      This is great news, but I still dont have an explanation as to WHY this happened in the first place.



      And I will most certainly have some explaining to do on Monday morning.



      Has anyone seen anything like this before? Any ideas for where I can start? Obvisouly the logs will be a good place to look I suppose. IM just not even sure what to look for in the logs.