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    cpuid.coresPerSocket with ESXi4

    actixsupport Novice

      Hi all,


      I'm wanting to use this to present more cores to our SQL box and not break licensing.


      Trying to get this to work, tried multiple test VMs so far and no luck, the setting just seems to be ignored.

      I've tried 1 x vCPU and cpuid.coresPerSocket = 2 as well as 2 x vCPU and cpuid.coresPerSocket = 2


      Looking in the log file you can see the following

      Sep 23 16:05:13.353: vmx| DICT      cpuid.coresPerSocket = 4

      Sep 23 16:05:13.353: vmx| DICT                  numvcpus = 2

      But then this line a bit later which I'm not to sure what it means.

      Sep 23 16:05:13.718: vmx| Setting coresPerSocket to match NumVCPUs (2)


      host is vSphere ESXi 4.0.0, 261974, BL490G6

      Any ideas?