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    Can not edit Roles

    DilbertW01 Novice

      Our network administrator recently resigned and left the company.  I have been trying to make sure that I have all passwords, accesses, etc.

      The VMware Infrastructure Client is installed on the VMware License Server.  I have tried logging into the server as the local admin, my domain account and the former administrator’s account .  On each of the logons, I have tried to get into the Infrastructure Client as my domain account, the former administrator and the local administrator account on the license server and as ‘root’.


      When I log in as ‘root’ to the Infrastructure Client, I get a message that says ‘A general system error occurred: Authorize Exception’.


      When I log in to Infrastructure Client as me, the former admin or the local administrator account, the roles can’t be modified (the menu option is grayed out).


      I have verified the root password on each of the ESX servers at the console.  However, I am still not able to modify the Administrators role.


      Any suggestions?  Thank you!