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    fix for vCenter 4.1 upgrade bug that breaks search

    jcouch Enthusiast

      We jumped into the 4.1 pool about 2 weeks after the launch. Everything went great except for one bug: The search feature no longer would find VMs. It found datastores, hosts and networks but the VM's would never come up. After 3 weeks of waiting on a "fix" for the known issue, I asked that the ticket be escalated. Getting another set of eyes on it was what we needed!


      The issue now resolved, due to a resourceful escalation engineer named Chris, found in our logs that Tomcat needed more ram. After checking, tomcat’s max was set to only use 1gb. We increased it to 2gb and it was still chewing up the whole amount.  We bumped it to 3gb and now it’s only using up 2.8gb. After restarting the VMware web service and letting tomcat get settled again, search magically worked again. And with over 1000 VMs, we got really spoiled with the search feature. Not having it really drove us crazy.


      We have asked that VMware put out a KB for this and they state its coming. I just thought I would pass this on to any other searching for an answer. It’s worth a shot and is not very invasive to try.


      And in case you didn’t know (I didn’t before today) where the properties for the tomcat service can be edited, they are on the “start menu/all programs/vmware/vmware tomcat/configure tomcat”.  Go to the Java tab and increase the “maximum memory pool”. Then restart the “vmware virtualcenter management webservices” service.


      Good luck.