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    Error: Failed to create journal file provider

    modeverything Novice

      I have two ESX servers.  One is running 2.5.2 and I just upgraded the other to 3.  I wanted to test a move from the 2.5.2 box to the 3 box, so I cloned one of the VM's from the 2.5.2 box over to the 3.  I did all the steps and got it up and running fine.  Well, that was just a test case, so I deleted the one I cloned to the ESX 3 server.


      Now, when I try to start up the original on the ESX 2.5.2 server, I get an error when I try to power it on stating:


      "A general system error occured:  Failed to create journal provider"


      Now I can't even move it over to the ESX 3 box or anything; I can't seem to do anything with this server.


      Does anyone have any ideas?