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    ESXi 4 and Dell MD3000 - RDM option greyed out

    rzupancic Lurker

      I have ESXi 4 running on a Dell R905 connected with a SAS 5/E HBA to an MD3000 (note this is not an MD3000i). I created a Windows Server 2008 guest and configured the MD3000 VD mapped to the Windows Server. The LUN shows up in ESXi under storage adapters. But if I try to to add it as an RDM the option is greyed out. If I go back and try to add it as VMFS datastore, that works. No, I am not trying to do both-I tried RDM first and then after creating the datastore as an experiment I deleted/rescanned/rebooted, so back to the beginning.


      Any ideas why the RDM option would be greyed out? It seems a somewhat common problem, nothing I've found so far works. Dell is not much help on this.