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    bug report: deleting build instances (number counting not continuously and missing dependency check)

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      a short bug report:


      Issue 01


      when you delete an instance (successful or unsuccessfull build) the instance number counting is not continuously like it is in VMware Studio 1.x



      • I have made 4 builds:

        • myVM_.1

        • myVM_.2

        • myVM_.3

        • myVM_.4

      Then I delete instance myVM_.3 and start a new build. The new build will have the Instance Id myVM_.3 ! Then we go on

      and the next build will have myVM_.5... This is bad because you lost the order in which you have build.


      In VMware Studio 1.x you have an ongoing instance count regardless if you delete instances or not. It would be nice to

      have that again..


      Issue 02


      When you have dependency builds (you have an existing vm which was build with / or discovered by VMware Studio and have a new Profile based on this)

      there should be a check when deleting instances..



      I have a successful created VM named BUILDVM with instance id 100 = BUILDVM_.100.

      Now I create a new profile named MYVM01 and choosing the BUILDVM_.100 as starting point.

      So far so good. BUT:

      When I now delete (maybe to many beer ) the BUILDVM_.100 I got a problem because the Profile MYVM01 depends

      on it..


      My idea is that there should be a check integrated in the delete instance option to ensure that the deleted instances

      are not in use by other profiles..