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    Updated PhD survey request for IT manager adoption of server virtualization (for managers in NC & SC)

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      Dear Participant:


      You are invited to participate in a research study being conducted by a doctoral candidate from Northcentral University in Prescott, Arizona. The purpose of this study is to assess IT manager acceptance of server virtualization. As an active member of this VMware community in NC and SC, your experience, perceptions, reflections, and knowledge in this area can contribute richly and significantly to this study. The following is provided for your information:


      Researcher: Donald McCracken, 336 287 4446. Email: dfm2k@triad.rr.com

      Dissertation chair: Steven Brown, stevenbrown@ncu.edu


      Participation Requirements: Participation is voluntary. Those who agree to participate will be asked to fill out a 21-question survey concerning IT manager recommendation of server virtualization. The survey will take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete. You have the right to withdraw from the survey study at any time without penalty.


      Potential Risk/Discomfort: There are no known risks associated with this study. You may omit/skip any question on the survey you do not wish to answer.


      Potential Benefit: There are no direct benefits to you for participating in this research and no incentives, tangible or financial, are offered. A copy of the results will also be made available to all participants, if requested.


      Anonymity/Confidentiality: The data collected in this study are confidential. The survey instrument and all data are coded so that your identity and answers are not associated with them. In addition, the coded data are made available only to the researcher associated with this study. Clicking on the survey link below confirms your understanding and acceptance of the aforementioned guidelines.


      All participants can access the survey at the following url: