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    the error will occur when run the script "upsVIShutdown.pl" on the VMA4.1

    jonesliu Enthusiast

      I have installed VMware ESXi 4.1 server as host OS, import the VMA 4.1 as virtual machine

      target the host by the command "sudo vifp addserver ** ", edit the script "upsVIShutdown.pl", add the target

      but when I run "upsVIShutdown.pl", the error will occurs:

      use of inherited autoload for non-method vifplib_perl::CreateVIUserInfo() is deprecated at upsVIShutdown.pl line 70

      undefined subroutine &vifplib_perl::CreateVIUserInfo called at upsVIShutdown.pl line 70




      strangely ,if I import the VMA 4.0 as virtul machine, then run the script "upsVIShutdown.pl", the host and guest OS will be shutdown gracefully


      expect your help,,,the script as post