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    Error parsing the server clients.xml file - after Windows XP update

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      After a lot of Googling, all discussion of this "Error parsing the server clients.xml file" is centered around problems in Windows 7 before the latest upgrade. But i'm at v4.0 on Windows XP and it was working fine for several months ...   AFter that latest round of XP updates a few days ago, i'm getting the parsing connection problem now and a reinstall of the client didn't change anything.



      More accurately, i had used the client to connect to ESXi machine, then was downloading a large vmdk to the local computer from the datastore and it was aborted in the wee hours at 67% complete, and when i discovered it in the morning, the local PC had been restarted, with the Windows system tray alert "Windows had to install an important update and restart your computer" etc. I also restarted the management agents on the ESXi machine, to no avail.



      Have not tried restoring to an older restore point yet - ultimately need to keep the machine updated to latest windws stuff. I can hit the ESXi machine from another XP computer adjacent to the problem computer, same vlan, etc. using the Virtual Client, no problem.



      The logs show that the error comes from a check of the clients.xml file (presumably on ESXi) resulting in an "ambiguous match".   Uninstalling the vSphere client must leave registry info behind, or the ESIi machine is remembering something about my local computer's connection to it somewhere ...