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    Limiting the hosts on which HA can restart a guest OS

    LSchuldt Novice

      I know that this subject has come up before so I'll recap briefly.


      Customer has an ESX cluster with 6 hosts spread across three sites (campus network) with 2 hosts per site.

      Because of differing network configurations, most of the VMs must remain on their site during HA restart and a few can be migrated and will work on any site.


      The problem is that HA will restart a VM on any site, whether the networking matches that specified in the VM or not. If a machine is started on the wrong site, the NIC is disconnected from the network and needs to be reconnected manually.


      Because of the desire to move some of the VMs to any site, breaking up the cluster into 3 clusters is not workable.


      In another thread, someone suggested creating dummy machines and using the anti-affinity rules to force the machine back to the site on which it belongs. Unfortunately, the movment of the machine is handled by DRS. By the time DRS moves the machine to the correct site, the machine has been started on the wrong site and the network is disconnected.


      So... does anyone know of a method to only allow a guest to be restarted on a machine where the guest's networking is a match for the host's? I've seen this question pop up before, but haven't really seen a definitive answer.