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    VCenter not staying up

    pjcace Enthusiast

      OK.....Multiple issues here. 


      It started with VCenter bouncing.  Not sure what the issue is and will be looking for help with that also.  I am going to try to attach the log.  (OK....Logs were overwritten.  If I can get some space in the DB, I'll be able to post them.)


      It would appear that the failures have caused the SQLExpress database to reach it's maximum.  Looking at the tables, it looks like over 3GB is in the VPX_BINARY_DATA table.  This is populated with 86 rows of DATA_TYPE = Ldap.BackupData and 1 row of Ldap.BackupLdif.  They all have today's date and seem to be created each time Vcenter tries to start.


      2 Questions:


      1.  What can you tell me from the VCenter log?  (Later)



      2.  Can I safely delete some of the data (Ldap.BackupData)?



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          AndreTheGiant Guru

          Try to purge old data:




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            mittim12 Guru

            The KB Andre referenced should help you out.  When your vCenter server is bouncing is it the service stopping on it's own?   I have seen issues with periodic service failures after bumping the statistics up for troubleshooting.  



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              pjcace Enthusiast

              Thanks to both of you.  My issue is that the majority of space is used in VPX_BINARY_DATA.  This table is about 3.2GB.  I can run the script, but I really don't want to delete all of my data.  It doesn't appear to touch the table referenced above.  So my DB will be about 100mb smaller, but that will probably be filled up in about an hour of restarts.  I really need to know if I can truncate the above table.



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                pjcace Enthusiast

                OK....if anyone cares, you can delete the data I was asking about.  So we did it and got the errors again.  We changed the DNS of the host that we thought was the issue and VC stayed up.  We then removed the host from VC and changed the DNS back to pointing to the host.  We then tried re-adding the host after restarting the vc agents on the host.  It ends up killing the VC service.  Attached is the VC log from the time we added the host back to VC.



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                  pjcace Enthusiast

                  By the way, the host in question is jivm03.teamji.com (