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    Adding Vmware console

    09kch84 Lurker

      We have Linux and Windows virtual machines. The console will be used only for O.S. install or network trobleshootings in the VM. Do you have any solution?  

      If you want see our panel, you can see at:  


      http://hostpanel.hostlocation.com.br/ . Logon details are as below :



      domínio: demo.com.br  

      senha: demo  





      Go to Cloud Servers -> Gerenciar Servidor  





      You will see our Vmware panel, that can power on, power off and restart virtual machine.  

      We want add console there.  

      This portal is written in ASP and run under Windows 2003 Server. Vmware tasks are implemented using ASP wscript.shell and Perl (vmware-cmd.pl). We can easly integrate any script/language to our portal.  

      We dont want use Vmware web access user interface, we need only Console, without any other resources.





      We didn't find any good way of implementing VMWare console because we do not want grant users to access full VMWare web console, but part of it still have to be accessed. I found a way to generate URL that will directly show VMWare virtual server console and will only have very limited set of controls. Such URL can be used with our webportal if simply opened in HTML IFrame. I found Perl script that generates URL and some description for it at this URL http://communities.vmware.com/docs/DOC-10809 ( Tested and worked fine. This url need user and pwd to access VM Console. I found a script to configure user ( vicfg-user.pl command. See vCLI reference here http://www.vmware.com/pdf/vi3_35/esx_3/r35u2/vi3_35_25_u2_rcli.pdf ) but this script works only at Host machine, I did not find  any way to connect to vCenter and create user directly at vCenter. This is the current scenario,  if you have any idea to solve Please reply  as its critical !!