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    RDM versus vmfs lun

    Bluemoon404 Novice

      I am currently restructuring our physical server and SAN environment. I am unsure what the advantages are, of going RDM over vmdk.




      I have a physical SQL server which has it’s database stored on a RAID 5 group on our SAN and it stores it’s log files on a RAID 1 group also on the SAN, all very straight forward stuff.


      My question is:


      What is the difference between creating a new datastore on my SAN with a RAID 5 config and only having 1 vmdk which is the D drive of my SQL server holding its databases. I would then create a new RAID 1 datastore and hold the SQL servers log files on it. This setup would use the same amount of disks and only one server would be accessing the LUN.


      I can’t see any differences in this scenario between RDM and 1 VMDK on a LUN.


      Any experiences, advice is much appreciated.