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    Ubuntu 10.04 & VMware Server 2.0.2

    evilninja Enthusiast

      Yes, I've seen threads like this and lots of others, but often the patches were not sufficient for VMware Server or were outdated, so I assembled them all together, with many thanks to the original authors:


      • 00-vmware-2.6.32_functional.diff.txt - from drgr33n. This has been posted back in 2009 already. Now it's 2010, 2.6.34 is almost there -will this be fixed in some future release?


      • 01-vmware-2.6.32_cosmetic.diff.txt - implementing the hint from rbihlmeyer, fixing (hiding?) all the warnings during compilation. I hope these will be dealt with in a future VMware release, as it's really distracting when you're looking for the real error messages.


      • vmware-config.pl.diff.txt - vsock needs symbols from the vmci module. Again, a longstanding issue. I know, I know, VMware Server is free *) and all, but I could imagine that the modules of the paid version have similar issues and could need a little love, hm?


      Anyway, after applying those I was able to use VMware Server 2.0.2 on Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid, i386) again. I've made a small shellscript to apply all those patches, if anyone cares.


      Also, I propose this patch to the VMware developers, basically just cleaning up vmnet.tar - that is, stuffing all the header and source files into subdirectories, as the other modules do already.





      *) as in beer )

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