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    Life got in the way, what now?

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      I spent my own hard earned money while unemployed and took the VI3.5 I&C course.  I then studied and took the exam but did not pass.  I found the material in the exam to be alien.  I then planned to study some more and retake, but I since found employment. 


      Well, I'd like to pickup where I left off but am seeing the the VCP310 is no longer available?  I suppose I have to test on vShpere4 which I've had my hands on lately.   If I test on VCP410, is my course requirement still met or have I lost my money?  Also, will I need even more prep?  I'm noticing a lot of similarities between 310 and 410, but I understand there is a lot more material.


      What should I do?   What CAN I do?



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          Have a look on the VCP4 path:



          You have to take the 2 days course "What's new" and pass the VCP410 exam.


          Have a look on other post in this community for study notes, materials and some hints.



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            from what I understand, you didn't have the chance to work with VMware in production yet, but you are willing to study to achieve the knowledge needed to pass the exam and not just download Q&A's to get a good result. I appreciate that.


            As AndreTheGiant already mentioned, you need to take at least the 2 day "What's new" classroom training in order to get certified.


            What I would reccomend is to start with an installation of ESX using VMware Workstation 7. If your hardware allows it, you can setup a complete vSphere environment that way using the 60-day trial licenses. For shared storage you can setup e.g. an OpenFiler VM as an iSCSI target on VMware Workstation, too. With this setup you can go through documentation and try almost everything. Without HandsOn-Training it's way more difficult to really understand everything.

            Besides the VMware documentation I can really recommend Scott Lowe's book "Mastering VMware vSphere 4".


            Some links to start with:

            VMware vSphere Library

            VMware Technical Resource Center

            Mware documentation

            VMware Knowledgebase



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              Thanks for the information, is the VCP310 really over now?


              Also, I have been a contractor using VMware 3.0 and 3.5 with full HA licensing.  I also have a test farm at home with 2 Xeon servers (4GB NICS 4GB memory each) running in an HA config.  These servers I purchased on Craigslist for $300 for the pair. I also am running Openfiler as an iSCSI target.  We're not in production on VMware at my new job but instead are running Hyper-V for the time being until we finalize our plans to move or not move to vShpere 4.  I should mention I took 2 desktops at work and set them up with vSphere 4.  I used local storage but then installed a trial of Lefthand's VSA to make an iSCSI target inside a VM.  It worked well I guess.


              Anyway, when I mentioned the material on the exam seemed foreign, I just meant I felt like I wasn't asked a single question that was in the class with the exception maybe of how to read an WWN.  I was told to just go study the blueprint material, but now having almost been a year, I'm guessing i'm going to need to reclass.


              This Sux!  I really wish VMware would lower their prices so I could make a better case to get us off of crappy Hyper-V. 


              On a personal note, I HATE Microsoft's offering and can't stand they're trying to pitch it as a production offering.  The trouble is, as the tech I know why I love VMware so much more, but try explaining the price tag to management when all they see is how the benefits of Virtualization can be obtained for free through Hyper-V.



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                Thanks for the information, is the VCP310 really over now?



                PS: for a testing envinment you can also use ESXi on a Workstation or ESX. In this way you can reduced the number of needed systems.



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