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    esx commands to create datastore

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      I want to share a LUN to multiple VMs on esx host by creating datastore and then creating virtual disks on this datastore, assign virtual disks to VMs.  I know we can do it via vSphere client but I want to know the commands so that I can automate this process. 



      i) vmkfstools -C vmfs3 -S <datastore name> <device path>

      I am getting problem like "permission denied" if I try to create datastore.  Is there anything that I am missing here ?



      ii) vmkfstools -c 2048m /vmfs/volumes/<datastore-name>/<vdisk-name.vmdk>

      creates virtual disk with the given name in the given datastore.

      I am able to create virtual disk with this command.  How do I assign this virtual disk to a VM ?



      Thank you in advance....



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