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    Core i3 330M without VT-d ... Windows 7 x64 guest possible?

    kelcherd Lurker



      I'm planning on buying a ThinkPad T410i with an Intel Core i3-330m CPU at 2.13GHz.  After reading Intel's quick spec sheet on this CPU (http://ark.intel.com/Product.aspx?id=47663), I see that it supports Intel VT-x, but it does not support VT-d.






      I am planning on running a 64-bit Linux as my main OS, but I would like to have a Windows 7 x64 guest running in VMware Workstation.  Will this be possible without VT-d?  If so, what, if anything, will I lose without VT-d?  Will I be able to run Aero in the virtual machine without VT-d?





      Thanks, Dylan