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    vSphere SDK Perl - A specified parameter was not correct.

    allanmcl Novice

      I have been puzzling over this issue for a few days and I hope that this is the correct location for this post.


      I have been using perl to configure the ESXi 4 hosts once they have been built. But have a problem in trying to get the correct Portgroup created as a host (VMKernel) type for use by vMotion.


      I am aware that I can use the command such as:


      New-VMHostNetworkAdapter -VMHost $host  -PortGroup VMkernel -VirtualSwitch $vs -IP -SubnetMask -VMotionEnabled 1


      That will create the PortGroup of the correct type and configure the IP address and SubnetMask and also Enable it for vMotion.


      However, if I want to do the same thing using Perl, I do not get the same results.

      If I try to use the command 'AddVirtualNic' for example -


      eval { $netMgr->AddVirtualNic(portgroup => $pg, nic => new HostVirtualNicSpec (ip => new HostIpConfig(dhcp => 0, ipAddress => @address, subnetMask => @mask))); };


      Where - my $netMgr = Vim::get_view(mo_ref => $host->configManager->networkSystem);

      my $pg = "VMkernel";


      This then results in the error of "A specified parameter was not correct".

      In this case the PortGroup does not already exist, so I assume the new HostVirtualNicSpec is complaining because there has been no VirtualSwitch defined to add the new PortGroup to.

      If I create the PortGroup in advance, by using the AddPortGroup command, there does not seem to be anyway to define that the PortGroupConnecteeType should be 'host'.


      I have found other posts related to the error "A specified parameter was not correct". However, they just seem to deal with esxcfg-vswitch or vicfg-vmknic (which does use the AddVirtualNic command).


      Any suggestions would be most welcome. Thanks.