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    Two Guest VMs on separate physical box(hosts) cannot ping each other

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      I am getting a strange problem. I am running VMware workstation 6.5.1 build 126130 on Windows Xp Sp2 host machines in my lab. We have Windows XP SP2 as guest OSs thru VMWARE. The guest OS (Win XP) machine can ping Host machine OS(Win-XP SP2)  and can also ping another host(physical machine Win XP), but it can't ping another Guest VM(xp or linux)  on another host(physical box). I am using bridge Networking. I am stuck. I have disabled the firewall on hosts/guests machine , but the problem remains.



      We are trying to build a peer to peer network using windows Xp Sp2 and our virtual machine are window XPs thru Vmware Workstation 6.5.1. build 126130.




      I had no issue with older VMWARE Workstation 5.0 last year to build a a peer to peer network and client server network using VMs/Guest Machines.




      Any help/advice will be much appreciated