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    Question about multiple site setup

    kurtwest Enthusiast

      I know you can have multiple primary sites go to a single DR site.  Can you do it the other way around?  I need to make my primary site replicate to two DR sites.  Is that possible?  I setup the first primary to DR site okay.  When I was installing the second SRM at my primary site, but I got a message during the install of the second SRM "vCenter Server %servername% already has a registered extension for VMWare vCenter Site Recovery Manger.  Are you sure you want to ovewrite the exsisting registration?"


      Is this configuration even possible?

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          TimOudin Hot Shot

          I seriously doubt it's possible, have done shared recovery but never attempted your configuration...but, did you install using the documented custom setup procedure?  Are you using a separate SRM database/DSN for each installation?  At the point of installation, where it sounds like you're failing, SRM should not yet know which direction you intend to replicate...IIRC.

          Tim Oudin

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