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    Can ESXi free version support for VMs startup/shutdown configuration through vSphere Client?

    mickyp100 Novice

      I read and survey some documents about ESXi.


      According to documents, I know ESXi free version doesn't support some advanced configuration of VMs and doesn't support the write permission to ESXi host. But when I download ESXi from vmware.com, I can't find the free version. It always be a evaluation edition of licensed version because I always can do setup the VMs startup/shutdown configuration through vSphere Client. I also can execute pl scripts (from lamw) in vMA to shutdown the ESXi host (write permission ok?!)


      So I confused. How can I get the truly free version of ESXi? Or it will be free version after 60 days of evaluation?


      The startup/shutdown configuration I mention above is in vSphere Client through “Configuration” --> “Virtual Machine Startup/Shutdown” --> “Properties…” --> “Allow virtual machines to start and stop automatically with the system” setting and shutdown actions of VMs can be configured to "to “Guest Shutdown” or “Suspend”. Does any body can tell me if this is support by ESXi free edition?


      Is the vSphere Client free version too? Because when I use the vSphere Client, it told me I have 60 days of evaluation. This confuse me again. I think vSphere Client is always free, am I right?


      Any suggestion or advice is very appreciated.  _