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    [Windows] Srvany service starts but no Virtual Machine appears

    betawarz Novice



      I'm using Windows Server 2003, and the newest Workstation 7 version. I am needing to run my guest Virtual Machines as a service, because I need them to remain running without any user accounts actively logged into the computer.


      I've setup a service to start one of my VMs using srvany. I've configured the registry and can start/stop the service from the Services control panel. I have the "Enable service to interact with desktop" option enabled.


      Whenever I start up my service, though, it says the service has been started and is running but I do not see any indication that the VM is on. Nothing appears on my screen, and I cannot ping the VM or remote desktop to it.


      Any ideas why this would be occuring? Both of the paths in the Parameters\Application setting are correct and contained within quotation marks. I also have the -x parameter in place. All indications say it should be working, but the VM just isn't appearing.

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