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    vmwareplayer3, host-OS LinuxMint8main, guest-OS XP sp3, mouse click behaviour/focus not working

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      This is a very strange problem, because it is inconsistent. First I thought it was Linuxmint8 instead of Ubuntu9.10 i386 as host-OS. Right now I know the problem is on the level of individual Virtualmachines some have it some don't have it. It is very annoying.



      Using the automated Windows XP installer to make a guest-OS Virtualmachine. As soon as vmwaretools gets installed to get

      things more workable it gets totally unworkable. Mouse clicks won't get

      through to the virtualmachine although it detects the mouse as active in

      the virtualmachine. Sometimes clicks do come through, only half or parts

      of the virtual screen respond on the mouse clicks.But sometimes the Virtualmachine gets created without problems.









      ###another user and me with the problem and symptoms.



      !!!POSSIBLE FIX!!!

      Pressing CTRL-ALT-DELETE inside the bad/not

      responding machine seems to fix it. Every time I start the

      virtualmachine with the mouse click bug, pressing CTRL-ALT-DELETE will

      make mouse response normally. CTRL-ALT is not enough as that was the

      default uncapture behaviour.