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    VMWare USB Arbitrator returned error code 4 (VMW 7 on Win 7 x64)

    scerazy Expert

      It goes like this, VM running (32-bit XP/W2K3), memory sticks gets plugged into the host & it is avilable on the host

      Try to connect it to the VM, hosts tries to install new hardware Vmware USB device, it contacts Windows Update etc


      In the meantime I get the VMWare USB Arbitrator returned error code 4 in VM notification, by which time new hardware install says Device Unplugged


      But the actual device is still available to the host, I can try to connect it again to VM (without unplugging first) & it might work or might not


      Sometimes I need to unplug & plug back in & try again


      That never happened on W2k3 32-bit host with any 6.x workstation


      Anybody has a permanent solution?