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    ping host OS from guest vmware

    srikanthtur Lurker





      Below is my setup



      Host OS: windows xp (firewall configured)



      IP: Gave a statis IP (say



      Guest OS: Windows Server 2003



      IP: Gave  a static IP (say



      Both are using the same Gateway, subnet & DNS servers (as part of router).



      Guest is setup to use Bridge Network.



      The problem is that i am not able to ping the Host OS from the Guest OS but can do other way.  I am able to access internet on Guest OS, so network settings are set right as far as i see. If i disable the firewall on Host OS, then i am able to ping host OS from guest. Any idea how i can add exception or what ports to open for exception in host firewall? I have default installation of vmware workstation.



      Any information would be of great help.