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    Unstable datastores using PERC 5/i Integrated controllers ESXi 4 Update 1

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      Previously had an ESXi 3.5 installation working fine and booting from a USB flash drive. My system uses two Dell PERC 5i Integrated adapters. Shut down the system and rebooted it on another USB flash device with ESXi 4 Update 1 (currently unlicensed). I looked on the HCL and the PERC controllers appear to be on there. The new version seems to boot up fine but there are no datastores in the client.  So I started to experiment and created a datastore on the vmhba1 controller. In the "add storage" wizard I did this: chose Disk/LUN --> highlight vmhba1 --> next screen says disk is blank though it was not when used under ESXi3.5 --> enter name "slow-disk" --> chose the smallest block size setting "256GB, Block size: 1 MB" --> click finish. The system seems to create the datastore. But when I start to browse the data store and copy a file to it, it begins and seems to copy then produces an I/O error. If I reboot, the storage diappears.



      I have seen references to using some command line utils esxcfg-volume and fdisk -l for persistent mounting. But this I/O issue seems strange.



      Are the Perc 5/i Integrated controllers indeed supported?



      Do I have to use a certain BIOS version for those controllers (I did update them to recent BIOS code that worked with ESXi 3.5)?



      Any ideas are welcome.