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    Can't Remove Host from dvSwitch

    1ppInc Novice


      Hey There,



      I had a dvSwitch with two hosts on it and I'm trying to remove it completely.  I was able to remove one of the hosts from the dvSwitch with ease... however, the other one just won't budge.



      I recieve an error stating: "Cannot complete a Distributed Virtual Switch operation for one or more host members.  DVS operation failed on host2, error during the configuration of the host: DVPort "1421" on DVSwitch "DvsPortset-0" is still in use:  got (vim.fault.PlatformConfigFault) exception.



      Now... There is no port "1421" on the dvSwitch.  All port groups have been removed. "Everything" has been removed from the dvSwitch...



      Anyone have any ideas?  I'm trying to prevent a reboot at all costs, but if necessary I will take it down late evening.






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          1ppInc Novice


          when I run esxcfg-vswitch -l I get the following:  (you can see that pesky DVPort ID 1421 claims to be in use... How do I get rid of that?)



          DVS Name       Num Ports   Used Ports  Configured Ports  Uplinks

          dvSwitch       256         2           256



            DVPort ID           In Use      Client

            1677                0

            1421                1

            655                 0

            1000                0

            271                 0

            1545                0

            1546                0

            1548                0

            782                 0

            1165                0



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            rbos3 Enthusiast


            Hi 1ppInc,



            Have you tried deleting the vDS using CLI? Sometimes there's just something hanging or buggy, leaving crap behind at your ESX server.



            I'll be hearing from you!









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              athlon_crazy Master

              You probably managed to remove vDswitch and port group from "vCenter -> Home -> Inventory -> Networking" but I doubt it will automatically remove your existing "virtual port" (vmkernel). 



              Have you check if anything left behind under "vCenter -> ESX host -> Configuration -> Network -> Distributed Switch -> Managed Adapter?





              vcbMC-1.0.6 Beta

              vcbMC-1.0.7 Lite


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                1ppInc Novice


                rbos3 - I'm not all to familiar with how to remove vDS using the CLI, I was trying to search google but came up empty handed.  Any ideas on how I can go about doing that?



                athlon_crazy - Under the host config for the vDS it states "No physical adapters from this host are connected to this distributed virtual switch.



                As well, before I removed anything, I moved all Service Consoles and vmk's back to the vSwitch0 on each host.



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                  1ppInc Novice


                  This is still a problem.  For some reason I just can't get it to drop that port.



                  The dvSwitch will not remove this host...



                  Guess I will have to schedule some downtime to reboot this ESX host.  Any other ideas?



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                    acmcomputers Enthusiast


                    Hi 1ppInc,



                    I experienced the exact same problem, but was able to remove the dvSwitch after I had removed any trace of it from the Virtual Machines. Thoroughly check all your VM network configurations and make sure none of them are still configured to use the "Invalid backing" device which relates to the old dvSwitch you're trying to remove. Until all your VMs on the host have been reconfigured to use a vSwitch, you'll struggle to remove the dvSwitch completely.



                    Let me know how you get on.









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                      kopper27 Expert


                      try this using vmware client and  log in to that ESX host (root - pass) and try remove the host from its vDS configuration



                      sometimes vCenter has too much authority and won't let you remove a host just be carefull and if this is a production enviroment move theVMs



                      Choose Host > Configuration > Networking > Distributed Virtual Switch and click Remove.






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                        1ppInc Novice





                        I went through all of those VMs on the remaining host... they are all configured to use the local vSwitch.  I can't find any hosts set to use the dvSwitch and none claim they are using any ports.



                        kopper27, I attempted that a few days ago and it wouldn't remove it, Same error.



                        When I am connected directly to the ESX host, I notice in the recent tasks... every 5 minutes on the second, this message appears: Delete ports - Error during the configuration of the host: Unable to delete DVPort "", for the following reasons:



                        That's it, no reason.



                        Any more ideas?



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                          1ppInc Novice





                          I tried this too, but it did nothing.



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                            1ppInc Novice

                            There must be some sort of way to kill an open port on a vDS, dont you think?  I can barely find any documentation on this stuff, like the net-dvs command...


                            Any other ideas guys. I'm super lost.

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                              XavierE Enthusiast

                              I was getting the same message "The resource 119 is still in use.  DVS dvSwitch1 port "119" is still in use on host esx-host port <not-found>" when trying to remove my host from the DVS switch so I went around it by right click on the ESX host and disconnect then I was able to remove the host from the DVS switch


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                                microkid Hot Shot

                                Yes! This helped me too. Disconnected the host and delete the vdswitch. Great!

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                                  XavierE Enthusiast

                                  Glad to hear it worked for you as well. Let's continue help each other, don't forget to assign points =)

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                                    1ppInc Novice

                                    Appreciate all of the input and sorry for abandoning the post for a while.


                                    I attempted some of the remedies that everyone submitted and none of them worked for me.  I was still unable to remove the dvSwitch regardless of what I did.


                                    I ended up rebooting the host and voila, dvSwitch was able to be removed.  I didn't want to get to that step, but it was a last resort effort that needed to be done.


                                    Thanks again for all the input.



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