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    VMware Workstation 7 Video Problem with Ubuntu Lucid

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      Running VMware WS 7.0.0 (trail) on Ubuntu 9.10  x64 installing Ubuntu Lucid Beta.  Autoisntall works fine (Ubuntu 10.4 detected) but their is absolutely no video output during the install.  Uplon rebooting I get the follow "Ubuntu is running in Low Graphics Mode.  Screen Graphic Card, Input devices could not be detected correctly.  You willneed to configure these yourself."  Pressing OK produces a menu the first choice is to use low graphics for one session only.  Thre are 3 other options but none of them are useful because when I run Ubuntu Lucid in what is suplpossedly Low Graphics mode the display is in fact perfectly good.   Is there anyway to make the one time "low gralphics mode" permanent?  Is there something I can change in the following configuration :




      PRE.western { font-family: "Times New Roman" }

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      {color:#000000}<font face="Sans Serif">{size:3}&lt;VM&gt;{size}</font>{color}
      {color:#000000}<font face="Sans Serif">{size:3}&lt;VMId
      type="string"&gt;52 c7 df 06 64 e3 1f 90-44 46 72 05 fa ad
      4b c8&lt;/VMId&gt;{size}</font>{color}
      {color:#000000}<font face="Sans Serif">{size:3}&lt;ClientMetaData&gt;{size}</font>{color}
      {color:#000000}<font face="Sans Serif">{size:3}&lt;clientMetaDataAttributes/&gt;{size}</font>{color}
      {color:#000000}<font face="Sans Serif">{size:3}&lt;HistoryEventList/&gt;&lt;/ClientMetaData&gt;{size}</font>{color}
      {color:#000000}<font face="Sans Serif">{size:3}&lt;vmxPathName
      version="" installed="FALSE"/&gt;&lt;svga4
      version="" installed="FALSE"/&gt;&lt;vmmouse42
      version="" installed="FALSE"/&gt;&lt;svga42
      version="" installed="FALSE"/&gt;&lt;vmmouse43
      version="" installed="FALSE"/&gt;&lt;svga43
      version="" installed="FALSE"/&gt;&lt;vmmouse43_64
      version="" installed="FALSE"/&gt;&lt;svga43_64
      version="" installed="FALSE"/&gt;&lt;vmmouse67
      version="" installed="FALSE"/&gt;&lt;svga67
      version="" installed="FALSE"/&gt;&lt;vmmouse67_64
      version="" ins{size}</font>{color}

      ?Marty Felker


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          martyfelker Hot Shot

          having   run into the same problem  with Virtual Bopx 3.1.0 (butn not 3.0.12) i.e. Ubuntu is running in low graphics mode I knew the problem was not with WS.  sudo cp xorg.conf.failsafe to    xorg.conf (making copy of the  orginial xorg.conf as a precaution) worked perfectly.  Answered my own question.





          Marty Felker

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            WintceasGodoisJr Novice

            Lucid Lynx last updates addressed the problem between xorg and vmware video driver.  Just re-run vmware tools config program again and restart the computer.

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              Thank you.  The relavent Package:is " xserver-xorg-video-vmware (1:10.16.8-1ubuntu1)".  Thanks to folks at Ubuntu!  The question is closed.  Hope you all enjoy working with Ubuntu Lucid.  With  5 months to go before the final release it's looking real goo.


              Marty Felker

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                Noel Expert

                There are also (and worse) problems with 64-bit Lucid Alpha 1 as a guest.  So far the only work-around I have is to use the alternate install image.  Afterwards, immediately install updates, booting to a root shell if necessary.  VMware Tools will install, except for problems compiling VMCI, which I have not yet bothered to patch.

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                  The vido problem has been solved for me but of course there are problems.  During the install itseft you need to use the WS autoinstall giving your username and desired password (if any).  The installation will have no video - except I suppose if you use the Alaternate install - haven't tried that.  After all disc activity has finished (install by ear!!) then you can reboot.  You will be presented with a menu, which I now know comes from Ubuntu rather than  with a dfefault enttry the Low-Graphics Mode once.  This menu comes from Ubuntu rather than VMware (because the same thing happened on Virtualbox  Once in the defaultgnaome desktop  you will notice the vido is just fine..  Got to /ext/X11.  There will be an entry xorg,conff,safe ( the last ,afe may be sonmthing else but it is likely you won't see xorg.conf.  X no longer uses it.  Copy the safe file to xorg.conf anyway (overwriter if present).  You will need to use sudo cp).  Reboot and the Low Graphics one time screen menu  will have disappered.  Naturally others expereince may differ but this worked for me even under Hyper-V.. 


                  Marty Felker


                  Sorry for mistyping anything.  I have severe visual problems and this is a public machine