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    VMware Workstation 7 - guest can not  connect to host computer

    kriemer Hot Shot

      My problem is compounded by the fact that I have upgraded to VMware 7 and added several virtual Win7 64 virtual machines at the same time so I don't know what (or which) is causing the problem.


      I have 2 host computers running WinXP 64 and VMware 7.  Firewalls are off on all computers, real and virtual, and antivirus software disabled to facilitate debugging.




      I can "see" Host A listed in my network of machines but I can not connect any virtual machine (Win XP 64 or Windows 7 64 ) to drives or folders in Host A.  Virtual machines of all flavors in Host B (as can Host B itself) can connect to drives and folders in either Host A or B computers.




      I am really confused as this is a new problem in a network that has otherwise worked without issue for a long time.








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