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    iSCSI Flow Control vs. Jumbo Frames

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      It seems with my setup (HP 1800-24G switches) I'll have to choose between either jumbo frames OR flow control for iSCSI san access. I'm currently running jumbo frames with an MTU of 9000 Bytes. Enabling flow control in addition to jumbo frames yields near zero transfer rates, so I guess its unsupported by ProCurve 1800-24G.


      What option would you recommend for better performance in a 2 esx server (HP DL380G5 ESX 3.5 U2), 1 san (HP MSA 2012i, dual controller) setup?


      Virtualized applications include databases (SAP, Exchange) aswell as moderate use file server (user shares, business documents).


      I've read other threads on this subject but didn't come to a clear conclusion.


      Best Regards, Felix Buenemann