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    Fusion 3, Win7 - Remote Desktop Connection to XP Pro - Alt-Tab problems

    Rreini Novice

      I am having an annoying time with Fusion 3 (3.0.0, build 204229) on my MacBook (Snow Leopard 10.6.2, 6 GB) running Windows 7 Home Premium and using MS Remote Desktop Connection to connect to my desktop at work running XP Pro.  After I upgraded to Fusion 3 and Win 7 at the same time, I started noticing that, in Remote Desktop Connection, the Option-Tab (Alt-Tab) key combination to switch windows would not always work the first time.  The first keypress would often be interpreted as a Tab key, not the Alt-Tab combination.  Repeating the key combo immediately caused the proper key combination to register.  When working with an editable document that I don't want to edit, this can be very annoying.


      I have Win 7 running under Parallels on my iMac, and when I use RDC to connect to the same desktop, this problem does not occur. Can anyone suggest a fix?