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    How do I force VMware to boot from the host's CD-ROM?

    IanG Novice

      I am running VMware Workstation 6.0.0 build-45731 on host Windows XP, service pack 2, with guest OS RedHat linux (RHEL 4).


      I have been practicing my linux sys admin skills in this configuration for several months now without any problems.


      Now I want to practice booting linux from (the host's) CD-ROM, in which

      I have inserted an ISO image of RHEL 4. This is how one would begin the

      process to recovery the linux environment should it not boot.


      The problem I am having is that whenever I start the virtual machine

      it boots linux from the virtual hard drive and I don't know how to force it

      to boot from the CD.


      How do I force (interrupt) VMware to boot from the CD?


      Thanks in advance.



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