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    Error 'The MSI " Failed." When trying to uninstall VMWare Workstation 7

    scottorourke Lurker








      I upgraded from Workstation 6.5 to7, not realising I would need a new license to use 7.  After running 7 and realising this, I tried to uninstall Workstation 7, but get the error 'The MSI " Failed.' almost immediately after clicking Continue on the "Ready to perform requested operations" dialog.



      I noticed the following errors in the log file:



      20091130161946:ERROR** CBootstrapCmd::RunOperation: Operation 'UninstallMSI' failed!

      20091130161946:INFO    wWinMain:Checking exceptions

      20091130161946:INFO    wWinMain:Handle error

      20091130161946:INFO    HandleError: Handling error: lang

      20091130161946:ERROR** HandleError: Encountered fatal error id: 26

      20091130161946:ERROR** HandleError:   Message:

      20091130161946:ERROR** DisplayErrorMain: Displaying error message

      20091130161946:ERROR** DisplayError  Error

      20091130161946:ERROR** ================================================================================

      20091130161946:ERROR**   Rolling Back - ops:19

      20091130161946:ERROR** -

      20091130161946:ERROR** ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

      20091130161946:ERROR**   SettingsDB:

      20091130161946:ERROR** -







      Any ideas how I can get back to V6.5?



      I orginally installed V6, upgraded to V6.5 then 7.  This is all on Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit.



      Thanks for any help.






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