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    Problems with https, ok with http

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      I'm running VMWare server 2 on a RedHat Linux system. It worked fine until recently but now I've found when I load it up using firefox on the default port of 8333, I get nothing at all!



      I found a workaround that if you change 'localhost' to the FQDN of the host system then it will work, although the management screen comes up it quite often hangs  on 'loading' the information for a particular virtual machine.



      However if I use non-secure http on 8222, everything works perfectly!!



      This is not just one machine, my three existing installations and one new one all exhibit the same issues.



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          mbaumstark Novice


          I'm having a similar problem with the latest Vmwar server 2.0.1-156745. The management GUI behaves as follows:



          http://localhost:8222  OK



          https://localhost:8333  blank page Loading... forever



          https://<machine>:8333  blank page Loading... forever






          Before upgrading this happened somtimes but only occasionally. Now it's a constant error.



          Any suggestions?












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            This sounds very much like this issue: No WebAccess to VMware Server 2: Proxysvc, SSL Exception, session id context uninitialized

            Unfortunately there is no known fix for this at the moment.

            The problem only appears to be with firefox on the local machine though.

            Connecting from an external host appears to work OK even on the secure interface.

            Wish I had better news as that.


            Hope this helps,




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              mbaumstark Novice


              Thanks Wil for your answer and the link to further information on this issue. It really looks similar to what is described there.






              For me it did not work from remote machines. I could however solve the problem by the following:



              I used a fresh XP installation  that hab never had a connetion to the vmware server, connect to the VMware server via https, and it worked! After logging in and logging out from the https session login from all other machines was possible again, including localhost:8333!



              My feeling is, that the issue appears as soon as you just close the browser, without "logout". Maybe some session information is left over. Sometimes restarting vmware-mgnt helps, but not always. Are there any session files that one could delete, or is there a way to reinitialize the webserver?