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    Player v3.0 under Fedora 12 as HOST

    waby38 Lurker





      I've just tried to use the latest Player v3.0 under my fresh installation of Fedora 12



      Installation is ok, and compilation of kernel module is also fine.



      => I've cross check this operation using : "vmware-modconfig --console --install-all" , and my kernel is  ""



      Now, if I start vmplayer, then I got the main screen for less than 1 second, and after disappear / crash without any message



      Using strace, I able to see that  SIGSEGV (Segmentation fault) append just after reading some stuff from "/usr/lib/vmware/resources/mozilla-root-certs.crt"



      Is there any bad experience for Fedora 12 users ?



      Using the previous Fedora 11, everything was fine with this Player v3.0!!



      Any tips ??






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          MihaiSapteCai Novice


          Actually, it's much worse than that. It's not that it just doesn't work - if you start it from the menu it blinks a screen then quits without any error messages. If you start it from the command line (vmplayer) it gives you a long list of errors, the last one about not finding one stupid icon (and most or the others about some accessibility file). The vmware-config command referred in all online helps is gone.



          If you try to say... fine, I'll go back to 2.5.3 and download the rpm and install it, nothing happens - there is no vmware-* and vmplayer anywhere in the path.



          Fine... download the bundle, and execute it, it starts, goes for a while and crashes (I left it about 30 minutes on a 3GHz machine) at the end when configuring the files (likely a gcc compilation). If you cancel it, it promptly uninstalls happily.



          Fine... let's report it -  go to vmware.com and try to register - to no avail - Firefox is not playing well with their cookies or something else in their system - you can't even register, let alone post a bug.



          I don't know - I heard good things about vmware, but this being the first experience with them got me stumped: nothing seems to work! And this is using Fedora and Firefox - it's not like using an unheard OS and an unheard browser. I'm really disappointed.









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            waby38 Lurker

            Ho, It seem that you experience with "vmplayer" looks bad.

            First, Let me give you some tips for your setup: (from "root" account, work for F11 & F12 on x86-32, not tested on 64bits)


            • First, "disable" or set to  "permissive" selinux using "system-config-selinux"  then Reboot

            • as some kernel modules need to be compiled, you need a compiler & current kernel header. 
                         "yum install  gcc kernel-devel"  or "yum install  gcc kernel-PAE-devel" (depend of your kernel, check with "uname -r")



            Now you are able to install Player v3 and at the end of the setup, the script will compile modules.

            to check again if it's ok, you can re-compile module using "vmware-modconfig --console --install-all" from console



            If you are running Fedora 11, now you can use a simple "vmplayer" to start. (tested ! work great with 3d enable in WinXP/Win7 Guest !)

            For Fedora 12, it still does not yet work...

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              Phalken Lurker


              First thing : sorry for my bad English, I'm a french guy, and don't speak very well English



              For Fedora core 12, I've the same problem as you. If you disconect your nework (in the network manager icon) before you star VMware Player, it's working ! then you just  re-connect your network. If your don't work with your VM computer, perhap 5 or 10 min later, VMplayer crash like before... .I'v tried to disable the Firewall.. same result...  It's probably a network problem with the new version of the network manager. Perhaps on the next release of this application it will be fixed.






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                magshs Lurker

                I also found this issue


                Fedora 12 host

                Vmware 3.0 build 203739


                The vmplayer looks like it would start but crashed.


                A strace showed an issue with certificates.  I moved these certs aside and vmplayer now starts


                mv /usr/lib/vmware/resources/mozilla-root-certs.crt /usr/lib/vmware/resources/mozilla-root-certs.crt.old

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                  MihaiSapteCai Novice


                  It does appear to be a SELinux problem (I seem to get a violation warning each time I try to install), but disabling the SELinux alone does not fix the problem, i.e., VMPlayer still does not start. However, removing the certificate (how did you ever figure that out??!!!) does the trick. It also keeps working even after re-enabling SELinux. Even Firefox started to work with this forum - things look much better in the morning :-).









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                    waby38 Lurker

                    Removing access to "mozilla-root-certs.crt" work for me.


                    2 ways to do that:


                    • removing / rename  "mozilla-root-certs.crt"

                    • disabling Network access (using or not NetworkManager)


                    After that, Vmplayer work, BUT, if I restore Network access or "mozilla-root-certs.crt",

                    and I click to "VM->Install VMWare Tools" then VMPlayer crash again as he want to acces

                    to this certificat.... Probably something wrong here...


                    And If we remove this certificat, then, "VM->Install VMWare Tools" just say that he can't get

                    the certificat (probably to check / download updated version of VMWare Tools)


                    So I thing we hit the real problem! ...but how to fix it ?

                    Now we have a workarround, but we can't upgrade / install VMWare tools using F12 as HOST...

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                      MihaiSapteCai Novice


                      Did you figure a way around it? I tried to re-enable the certificate while vmplayer is running and it crashes as soon as I try to install the vmware-tools.



                      The problem is that without the tools I can't seem to get the network to work in Windows 7. This sucks.









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                        waby38 Lurker

                        no real workarround yet...

                        Currently, I put my VM on another supported HOST (CentOS, F11, ...) to install/upgrade VMTools,

                        then I come back to Fedora 12 (and removing *.crt)

                        We need to wait from VMWare for a clean fix.

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                          SVRCFL Novice

                          The VMware Tools are CD image files (.iso) - you can copy them over to your Player installation from a full Workstation bundle install and then mount them as a CD image.

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                            MihaiSapteCai Novice


                            Unfortunately I don't have the Workstation, but only the player. I'll try the trick with moving the VM to another host and try to install it there - it's a pain, but if it works, it's worth it.









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                              kissanej Enthusiast

                              Thanks for posting the workaround. I use the same Windows images when I'm setting these up on new PC's so I'll just install the VMware tools package there using Player 3.0 under Fedora 10.

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                                MihaiSapteCai Novice


                                Did the workaround work for you? It certainly did not for me: I moved the guest VM (Windows 7) on a different host (WinXP in my case), installed the VMTools in the guest OS, then moved the guest VM back to the original host (Fedora12) and still no network adapter. Even worse, this time the network adapter says that the cable is disconnected, so it doesn't even try to get an IP address. VMTools work fine in Fedora12 as I was able to share a directory (something that didn't previously work until I installed VMTools).



                                As far as I see it, I'm a bit in a worse position with the network (as now I don't even have the "cable" plugged in), but in a better position with sharing directories - at least now I can move things in and out of the machine via the shared directory.



                                I'm still hoping for a solution to the network problem - today is the one week aniversary of Fedora12 - how long do this things take before they get fixed (I'm new at VMWare and have no idea if it's going to be a week, a month, or a year)...









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                                  kissanej Enthusiast

                                  Yes it worked fine, I copied the XP image onto a Fedora 10 PC also running Player 3.0, updated the VMware tools (& installed the latest batch of MS updates) and then used sysprep to seal it again. I reran a test build of an F12 PC today and the XP image worked ok.

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                                    ogooreck Novice

                                    It is somehow releated to updates checking settings.


                                    in ~/.vmware/preferences




                                    pref.vmplayer.downloadPermission = "deny"




                                    (other values  "ask" or "allow")


                                    allows vmplayer to start


                                    In GUI parameter is linked to File -> Preferences -> Check for new software components as needed.






                                    I think this is due to libcurl or libssl shipped with vmplayer wich are used because fc12 version don't have c-ares support needed by vmplayer.. I crafted my own version. for fc12 which works. I removed ipv6 and enabled ssl and c-ares compilation options. One can use it, but it should be noted that many programs use libcurl (124 installed on my computer) so it can break things, because i'm not eble to do all possible tests Also, c-ares should be installed.



                                    yum install c-ares -devel



                                    sudo yum reinstall curl-7.19.6-10.fc12.i686.rpm libcurl-7.19.6-10.fc12.i686.rpm


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