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    LSILogic driver detection issue?

    justin.emerson Enthusiast


      I have created a brand new template in vSphere Update 1 with Windows XP Service Pack 3 (slipstreamed into the install CD) with no other patches.



      I used the LSILogic controller as my storage controller for the XP VM (which in vSphere 4 is not the default, I know). This was best practice in VDM2 thru View 3.



      However, now after creating a linked clone with a User Data Disk, upon first login after a View Composer operation (either new VM creation, refresh, or recompose) the user is asked to give Administrator credentials (if they're a non-admin) in order to install the driver for the LSI Logic controller - because apparently now View Composer adds a second SCSI controller to add these extra disks.



      This is obviously an issue - why are my users getting prompted for admin credentials to detect an add'l SCSI controller? Is this expected behavior? Or am I supposed to build my templates with IDE disks now?



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          cdickerson Enthusiast

          Having the same problem.

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            StarryTripper Novice


            We are experiencing the same problem, non-admins being prompted for credentials to install second LSI SCSI Controller.






            The difference is we are not intentinally using an User Data Disk, it is being added even thoughwe are using autimated, non-persistent pools.






            This did not happen in View 3.






            This did happen during the Beta, and we reported it to VMware, still no fix I guess.



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              cdickerson Enthusiast

              So I have one customer having this issue and another one isn't.  The one difference I can tell has to do with the xxx-internal.vmdk Hard Disk.  On the View install that is not having the problem, the internal.vmdk is on the first controller, on the other customer, the internal.vmdk is on the 2nd controller.  What is this whole internal.vmdk?  It's only 10MB in size.  I tried moving it to the 1st controller and that didn't appear to help.

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                carlos.luna Novice

                Hi guys,


                I have the same situation presented here.  It is not good the user be asked for credentials and install a driver for a new hardware detected.

                I choosed to use LSI Logic Parallel controller for the VMs, based on recommendations of documentation.

                But does anyone knows if the same problem happens using one of the others different SCSI controller? like LSI Logic SAS or BusLogic Parallel?

                Is there a good reason why the recommendations said to use LSI Logic Parallel? the other controllers have the same performance?

                We are in a probe of concept on a customer, and I would like solve this issue very soon.

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                  cdickerson Enthusiast

                  I've done some testing with the different drivers.  In my testing, the buslogic controller doesn't have the issue.  The LSI SAS does and I would assume the IDE doesn't because the VM only supports one IDE controller.  I believe the LSI is the preferred choice because it has buffer support for I/O.  I just switched to buslogic for now.  Make sure your disk are aligned and I doubt there will be much difference in performance.



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                    justin.emerson Enthusiast


                    We just tested IDE before the holidays and indeed the IDE-based template works fine, so this appears to be an issue isolated to just the LSILogic driver.



                    However, this is an issue because upgraded templates will sometimes have this issue, and it contradicts the previous whitepaper.






                    We'll be doing some performance testing of the various controllers on vSphere (as all previous testing was only done on ESX3.5) to see if switching to IDE carries a noticable performance hit.



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                      carlos.luna Novice

                      Hi All,


                      I made a test using the LSI Logic driver version, which is a signed driver included in WHQL, and it works fine.

                      This driver has a date of 26/Jul/2005.

                      So, the problem appears to show only when use unsigned drivers.


                      Charlie Moon

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                        cdickerson Enthusiast

                        Charlie you are the MAN.  I've confirmed that this does fix my problem as well.  For those wondering, here is where you get the driver http://www.lsi.com/storage_home/products_home/host_bus_adapters/scsi_hbas/lsi20320r/index.html

                        Look for the XP with the WHQL designation.

                        I then used the winimage program to create a .flp or just used the driver disk I attached to this post.



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                          StarryTripper Novice

                          I switched out to the WHQL Drivers posted in link and it is indeed no longer prompting for Admin credentials


                          I did not rebuilt Golden VM, just updated using Device Manager


                          However, in my situation I would call this a workaround because it should not be adding a user data disk since we use non-persistent pools


                          But this is good enough for us to move forward to View 4 from 3

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                            pharmer Enthusiast


                            We get the hardware added prompt no matter what type of disk we have (IDE, LSI or BusLogic SCSI)



                            A master VM created with IDE disks gets a buslogic scsi controller auotmatiically added to the linked clone (persistent desktops, no data disk) 



                            Anyone having this issue with all disk types? This is a real showstopper for View 4.0 deployment













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                              What is the Hardware version of the VM (4 or 7)? Also, have you updated VMware tools in the master image. Can you please provide version of Tools installed and OS type (XP, Vista)? Buslogic controller driver is installed with VMware tools.


                              For LSI driver, recommended one is mentioned in following KB: http://kb.vmware.com/selfservice/microsites/search.do?language=en_US&cmd=displayKC&externalId=1007035

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                                pharmer Enthusiast


                                OS is XP SP3, tools are the latest as per ESX 4.0 Update 1 (build-208167)



                                VM is built using VM7 hardware



                                ESX is running 4.0 Update 1



                                I have tried a VM master built with IDE,  but the linked clone installs the harddisk after logon of the non-admin user and prompt for a password to add the hardware



                                I have changed the master to use Buslogic SCSI - same result. Also tried LSI drivers ((WHQL) - same result



                                I have now opened a case, as this is far below the QA of View 3.1.2