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    Problems with networking using Workstation 7

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      My current environment is Windows 7 X64 as my host machine running Workstation 7.  My VM is running XP SP3.  When I was running version 6.5.2 with Vista 64 everything worked properly.   I use the DHCP server from my router.  My internal network is  I am attached to a domain and the domain server is  The DHCP server is   When I try and login to my VM using a bridged network (which is what I had with 6.5.2), I get a error



      The system could not log you on. Make sure your User name and domain are correct, then type password again. Letters in the password must be typed in the correct case.



      Now if I change my network to use NAT.  I can login with no problems.  The problem at that point is that I can't access anything that is not in this VM.  If I then change the network to bridged everything works fine.  I don't believe that I should have to login using NAT and then use bridged to access the network.  This machine was built originally as a 6.0 machine.  The problem existed in this mode, so I did a full clone upgrading the VM to 6.5-7.0 machine.  Same results. 



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          How are you presenting your login credentials?  I assume this means you're using an Active Directory environment.  What's probably happening is that you're using cached credentials when in NAT mode, and when bridged it's trying to validate against your DC.  Try logging in using DOMAIN\username or username@domain (fully qualified domain name) when bridged.  Also, try using other accounts that are in your AD environment to login.

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            My domain name is ISSDEV.  I've tried to login using ISSDEV\issvm and the correct password.  If I've got my network card set to NAT it lets me in, however I do not have access to the internet or any of the network resources.  If I then change the network card to use bridged, everything works as I would expect.  I used to have a Vista 64 Host running on 6.5.2 which worked fine with my VM's set to bridged.  When I moved to Windows 7 x64 is when the problems started.  I upgraded VMWare to version 6.5.3 with the same results as now and then to version 7.0.  Same results as 6.5.3, must login with NAT and change to bridged after I'm logged in.



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              I'm not too familiar with some of these things, but I'll take a stab at guessing.


              I wonder if the domain is set up (or even can be setup) to care about the MAC address of the machine from which your user account is trying to log in from.  If so, then it could make sense that NAT works, but not bridged.  When the VM is attempting to authenticate while bridged, it would appear as a new (unknown) machine to the domain controller.  However, with NAT, it would appear as if the host machine were issuing the request.


              Now for my guess about the second part.

              Once authenticated, I wonder if your domain automatically passes down proxy information to your host.  If so, then while using NAT in the virtual machine, you would need to configure your guest OS's proxy to mimic the configuration on the host.  Using bridged wouldn't present this issue, since incoming traffic is unfiltered on its way to the guest.


              If you are on a corporate network, see if you can ask your IT regarding the setup of the domain and proxy configurations.

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                Have you checked the security log of the VM, and the domain controller, to see if there are any NTLM or Kerberos errors?  When the VM is bridged, does it have the correct DNS setting?





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                  I've had a simiar issue. I found that the firewall on my host PC was turned on and interfearing with the VMs. In this case it was the Stateful Firewall that comes with Cisco's VPN client. I disabled it by going into the Cisco VPN client and selecting Options-->Stateful Firewall (Always On). You want to clear the checkbox next to this item.