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    Oracle RAC - Cannot Ping from RAC1 to RAC2

    tadcs Novice


      Hi all,


      I've created two VMs (RAC1 and RAC2) on VMware Server2 for Oracle 10g RAC.

      Each VM has 2 network adapters:


      eth0: public

      eth1: private


      But, Into RAC1, when I try a ping to RAC2, I got the error destination host unreachable.

      The subnet and the net mask is OK, I've set the /etc/hosts.


      From my Host PC, I cannot to perform ping to RAC1 and RAC2 too.


      I've tryed to set the ethernet to hostonly and bridged, but I got the same problem.


      Is there any configuration we need to do?



      thank you very much!!!!