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    Unable to install Workstation 7 linux host

    terryxela Enthusiast





      1. sh VMware-Workstation-Full-7.0.0-203739.x86_64.bundle



      does not run in less than a second is back into the prompt.









      opensuse 11.1  //



      kde 4.2.1



      Description: I had installed Workstation 6.5.3 running without problem. After I run the script VMware window came saying if I wanted to remove VMware. Vmaware 6.5.3 was removed, I close the window and nothing else happens. I tried to run it again and no success. I wonder if the problem is in my end but (1) everything seems to running well (2) VMware workstation 6.5.3 was running well (3) I can run other scripts without problem. (4) I made the script exec jic with no effect.



      Any tip in which direction should I look at it>






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          terryxela Enthusiast


          The following is a summary of my problem after few attempts



          opensuse 11.1



          kde 4.2.1






          1. I have running great workstation 6.5.3



          2. I run the script



          #sh  VMware-Workstation-Full-7.0.0-203739.x86-64.bundle  without any parameter



          Uninstall completes Ok then nothing happens.



          I run the script again and nothing happens just go to next prompt and no error messages.




          try to run any of the old scripts like the one for 6.5.3 and it does

          not run either. However many month ago when I install opensuse 11.1 it

          installed OK



          3. I reinstall the partitions from backup so I'm back with vmware 6.5.3 working well



          4. I uninstall it but this time using /usr/bin/vmware-uninstall and installation is removed.



          5. I try to run the script again and the same problem.



          May be distro related but I can not figure out why.