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      • 15. Re: ESX 4 and Perc 5i issues
        microkid Hot Shot

        Ok. update : I disabled vt-d in the bios and now the card is running fine. Shame that this card is not working properly with vt-d enabled, it was a very nice feature. But alas, all is working fine again now here, and faster than ever

        • 16. Re: ESX 4 and Perc 5i issues
          dustynz2 Lurker

          I can confirm the disabling the VT-D setting in bios resolves this issue.


          I have just successfully imported a VM onto the following

          Asus P6T MB

          Intel i7 920 Proc

          12GB DDR3 ram

          Perc5i with FW

          3 x 2.5 SAS 140GB Drives


          All working.


          I actually gave up on this and got the machine running with and old Q6600 MB and CPU.

          Running out of resources caused the re-investigation


          Thanks microkid.


          PS. I can't award points as my prev account is locked to an email which cannot be changed. Sigh.

          • 17. Re: ESX 4 and Perc 5i issues
            Sarel Lurker

            Two years later and this issue still exists.


            I have a PowerEdge T110 that is having the exact same issue. It was working well for a week using the onboard controller and VT-d enabled. I connected drives to the PERC 5/i today and started having this issue. I'll try disabling VT-d and see if that resolves it.

            • 18. Re: ESX 4 and Perc 5i issues
              Sarel Lurker

              Disabling VT-d resolved it, but I need to run 64 bit machines.


              I've now downgraded to 3.5 and I can use the PERC 5/i with VT-d enabled.


              This is on a Dell PowerEdge T110. I thought 3.5 would not work with the integrated SATA controller but it does! Maybe it's because I am using the version with Dell customizations, but I thought that only included OpenManage, not additional drivers. Must be because it's 3.5 update 5.


              The only pain is that I'll have to use VMWare Converter to convert all my machines over from hardware version 7 to version 4.


              Thanks for all the information about this!

              • 19. Re: ESX 4 and Perc 5i issues
                mvrk Enthusiast

                I've tried Dell Perc 5/i on both ESXi 4 / 5 and it hangs at boot (Loading scheduler...)


                Maybe it doesn't like my motherboard? Anyone tried this card on a non dell machine?

                • 20. Re: ESX 4 and Perc 5i issues
                  sjbotha Lurker

                  Has anyone tried the PERC 5/i with ESXi 5 and VT-d enabled?

                  • 21. Re: ESX 4 and Perc 5i issues
                    BeerHat Lurker

                    Yes.  And it does NOT work correctly, still.  I've updated the firmware to the latest LSI version, and correctly installed the .vib driver file.. still, no dice.  Darn shame too.  I have a hylafax server i'd like to run using an internal PCI faxmodem.


                    If anyone has any workarounds/tweakables in esxi in order to get VT-d and the perc's playing well together, I'm all ears.

                    • 22. Re: ESX 4 and Perc 5i issues
                      sjbotha Lurker

                      Someone in this thread replaced the Perc 5 with a Perc 6 and then it worked for them.



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