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    Fusion 3.0 supports only opengl 1.1.0 in Win 7 / Vista ?

    Sven01 Lurker





      I check the following with the trial download of Fsuion 3.0:



      I tried to run FurMark 1.7.0 in Win 7 (64 bit) with fusion 3.0 in order to check the opengl performance. It showed an error message telling that at least opengl 2.0 is required to run it.



      Then I ran several graphic capabilitiy checker tools (like the one from ozone3d.net or kludx.com):



      They old stated that only OpenGL V1.1.0 (and of course no GLSL) is supported. I checked this with Vista Ultimate 64 and Windows 7 Ultimate 64 under Fusion 3.0 (and activated 3D accelaration).






      Does this mean that Fusion 3.0 does not support OpenGL V2.0 / 2.1 with Win7 or Vista ??  



      I am confused now, because in the descriptions of Fusion 3 it was told that OpenGL V 2.1 is supported ?



      (Btw.: With a certain other Virtualization software this worked correctly in windows 7 (64bit), it supported OpenGL V2.0 and I could run FurMark with it...)






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          Tony Hoyle Novice


          You're right.. 1.10 only.  Probably a typo in their spec sheets.. the 3d is only there for aero really.. it barely counts as a 3d driver if the caps viewer is to be believed.




          GPU Caps Viewer v1.7.0




          ===================================[ System / CPU ]

          - CPU Name: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU     T9300  @ 2.50GHz

          - CPU Core Speed: 2495 MHz

          - CPU Num Cores: 1

          - Family: 6 - Model: 7 - Stepping: 6

          - Physical Memory Size: 1023 Mb

          - Operating System: Windows Server 2007 ver.6.1 build 7600

          - DirectX Version: 10.0

          - PhysX Version: drivers not installed



          ===================================[ Graphics Adapter / GPU ]

          - OpenGL Renderer: GDI Generic

          - Drivers Renderer: VMware SVGA 3D (Microsoft Corporation - WDDM)

          - DB Renderer: Unknown

          - Device Description: VMware SVGA 3D (Microsoft Corporation - WDDM)

          - Adapter String: VMware SVGA 3D

          - Vendor: Microsoft Corporation

          - Vendor ID: 0x15AD

          - Device ID: 0x0405

          - Drivers Version: (9-17-2009) - vm3dgl.dll

          - GPU Codename: n.a.

          - GPU Unified Shader Processors: 0

          - GPU Vertex Shader Processors: 0

          - GPU Pixel Shader Processors: 0

          - Video Memory Size: 0 Mb

          - BIOS String: n/a

          - Current Display Mode: 1437x869 @ 60 Hz - 32 bpp



          ===================================[ OpenGL GPU Capabilities ]

          - OpenGL Version: 1.1.0

          - GLSL (OpenGL Shading Language) Version: n.a.

          - ARB Texture Units: 0

          - Vertex Shader Texture Units: 0

          - Pixel Shader Texture Units: 0

          - Geometry Shader Texture Units: 0

          - Max Texture Size: 1024x1024

          - Max Anisotropic Filtering Value: X1.0

          - Max Point Sprite Size: 0.0

          - Max Dynamic Lights: 8

          - Max Viewport Size: 16384x16384

          - Max Vertex Uniform Components: 0

          - Max Fragment Uniform Components: 0

          - Max Geometry Uniform Components: 0

          - Max Varying Float: 0

          - Max Vertex Bindable Uniforms: 0

          - Max Fragment Bindable Uniforms: 0

          - Max Geometry Bindable Uniforms: 0

          - Frame Buffer Objects (FBO) Support:[no]

          - Multiple Render Targets / Max draw buffers: 0

          - Pixel Buffer Objects (PBO) Support:[no]

          - S3TC Texture Compression Support:[no]

          - ATI 3Dc Texture Compression Support:[no]

          - Texture Rectangle Support:[no]

          - Floating Point Textures Support:[no]

          - OpenGL Extensions: 2 extensions







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            Our XPDM driver supports OpenGL 2.1, but our WDDM driver only supports OpenGL 1.4 (at least that's what I'm told, but whether 1.4 or 1.1, it's not the same as our XPDM driver). You can switch to the XPDM driver, but you will lose Aero capabilities.


            1. Open Device Manager from Control Panel

            2. Expand Display Adapters entry

            3. Right click on VMWare SVGA 3D (WDDM) and click properties

            4. Click on Uninstall Button

            5. Check the “Delete the driver software for this device” option

            6. Click OK

            7. Your screen may flicker as the driver is removed.  

            8. Close Device Manager and reboot Windows 7.

            9. Windows will default to the Standard VGA device

            10. Open Device Manager, expand Display Adapters

            11. Right Click Standard VGA and select Properties

            12. Click on Update Driver

            13. Click on Browse my Computer 

            14. Browse to directory C:\Program Files\Common Files\VMware\Drivers\video

            15. Click Next

            16. Confirm driver installation

            17. Close window and reboot


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              Sven01 Lurker





              OK. Checked (in Win7 Ultimate 64bit) -> Worked.



              OpenGL 2.1. supported with the other driver that you mentioned. It even made my Graphics Card turn up its fan (highest FPS I have ever seen for OpenGL in a Virtual Machine with Windows).



              Thanks for the hint !






              1.) It does not support Aero.

              2.) It pulls down Win7's Graphics and Gaming Graphics Index Score down to 1.9 / 1.0 !

              3.) It does not implement DirectX 9 correctly (if you run the 3DMark06 Bench, you'll see what I mean -> incorrect / damaged graphics display) !!



              So, currently, if one wants to run OpenGL programs, one has to install the driver you mentioned (and reboot), if one wants to run any non trivial DirectX Progs one has to re-install the other driver

              and reboot again.



              => Can your developers combine both drivers with the great OpenGL capabilities of the other driver and the good DirectX capabilities of the standard driver in the near future ? (Any betas to test ?)



              Why hasnt this been done already ?



              With superiour OpenGL and DirectX capabilities, such a combined driver would give you a big competitional advantage !






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                Hot Shot

                It's not just a simple matter of combining two drivers.  There are a fair number of differences between the way graphics drivers are handled on XP/Win2K compared to the way they're handled on Win7 and Vista.  Resource management has been handed off to the kernel mode code and there are a number of other restrictions.


                As a matter of policy, I can't comment on when better WDDM opengl might be available.