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    ESXi 4.0 Dell T105 "Failed to find boot partition"

    alexmunk Novice


      Used Dban's Nuke to wipe my hard drives (both of them).



      Unplugged secondary hard drive.



      Installed ESXi 4.0 (Declared Success).



      Machine starts, boots into ESXi 4.0, starts to load, and then:



      "Failed to find boot partition."



      Others have suggested setting SATA Controller setting to AHCI. Not possible from my BIOS. I have "ATA Mode" and "Off". "Off" shuts off the whole controller and my hard drive doesn't get recognized.



      Others still have suggested installing to a thumb drive. Leery of such a hack...






      Please help. There is very little out there about ESXi 4. Even a pointer to VMware documentation with a list of error messages and their meanings/solutions would be helpful (can't find such a list, myself).



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