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    Fusion 3 and <great> new VHD mount feature

    Muttel Lurker


      Hi there,



      I've looked through the  3.0 new features list and discovered this:



      Virtual Hard Disk Improvements



      • Mount a suspended virtual machine's virtual disks as read-only Mac volumes.


      I thought great and tried it. Opened the VM package dir and double clicked the VM.vmdk file. It got mounted and I could see all my files from the XP-VM.



      The next time I've tried to start the VM I got the message that my current snapshot couldn't be started because the  parental disk was modified after the snapshot was taken (something like that). WHAT?



      I've looked into the vmware.log file inside the VM dir and saw the real reason:



      DISKLIB-LINK  : Attach: Content ID mismatch (df7735cf != a1ba78a3).

      DISKLIB-CHAIN : "/blabla/XPSP3.vmdk" : failed to open (The parent virtual disk has been modified since the child was created).



      And I thought they wrote mount disk as read only?



      So I  started my hex editor and changed the offending CID=a1ba78a3 back to df7735cf. That did the trick. Just in case that somebody else tries this new 'feature'.



      Thanks VMWare, especially for not telling that one should not mount a virtual disk if one had made snapshots. And why the heck do you release such a half baked tool? Shouldn't it automatically detect snapshot files and ask the user which one he/she would like to mount? And shouldn't your tool keep the disk structure consistent by itself instead of breaking it?



      Just my 2ct